India Sanitation Summit 2017 Announced

Sanitation News Network

NEW DELHI: Addressing the increasing importance of hygiene, health, sanitation, and toilet related issues, Summit will take place at New Delhi, capital of India on November, 17, 2017, Friday.

The Summit provides a forum to initiate a dialogue and enlighten the people on various issues related to sanitation, toilet movement, woman empowerment, women dignity and girl child education etc.

By establishing a national level mega forum for sanitation think thanks, toilet technology providers, innovators, associations, non-profit organizations, public sector entities and private sector stakeholders to share best practices in the sanitation sector, the Summit aims to empower participants, exhibitors and sponsors to exchange knowledge, expertise and resources in scaling up impact and innovation in the sanitation marketplace particularly in India.

A safe and clean toilet can be a stepping stone to a healthy life, greater human dignity, freedom, equality between women, men, girls and boys, and finally, a catalyst to the development of communities and countries.