India CSR Summit, Awards & Exhibition, is one of the prestigious forum in India, bringing together corporate, NGOs, Government, implementing agencies, social enterprises and advisory firms and think tank to share knowledge and learn from good practices and experience.

It is a forum to showcase innovative CSR practices, learn from peers and initiate new associations. It provides an opportunity to find new resources; and way forward to understand how CSR interventions are playing a dynamic role in the progress of the country.

CSR has become a key benchmark of corporate performance and has emerged as one of the most dynamic fields nowadays in India and across the world. Meeting some standards in CSR is a mandatory requirement for certain sizes of companies in India with special reference to the Companies Act, 2013.

CSR enhances reputation, builds positive bridges to the communities, benefits customers and the public at large and in doing so, affects the planet, people and profits. And, nothing sustains without effective and efficient leadership.

In the words of John C. Maxwell , ‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.’ India’s new mandated CSR now needs such leaders, leaders who will bear the torch for a brighter, better tomorrow in nation building. The CSR statute under the Companies Act, 2013 also rests the CSR ownership of the Company on the Board, which is then percolated among the other members. In other words, the law entails CSR to be a top-down approach led and owned by the top management teams (TMTs).

Therefore, to celebrate this spirit of CSR Leadership, India CSR has been conducting the India CSR Leadership Summit in India for the last couple of years.

Download: Brochure of India CSR Leadership Summit

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