Corporate Social Responsibility means something, but not always the same thing to everybody.
– (Votaw 1972)

In this century, we witnessed the development of the concept of CSR both as a management idea and as an academic concept. Although the development confronted uneven and rough terrain, yet the status of CSR has grown over the years; compensating for negative externalities and contributing to social welfare.

CSR is a dynamic concept and large part of it rests in the development in business and society relationships. The academic concept of this subject reaches out to draw from cognate fields of business ethics, governance, business strategy, sustainability and stakeholder relations.

The concept of CSR is as old as 1800 emerging from a tradition of industrial paternalism or philanthropy meandering its way between ‘stewardship’ and ‘trusteeship’ and finally reaching the label of ‘social responsibility’ in the 60’s.

Researchers and academicians have been busy organizing and re-organizing the various components of CSR into meaningful typologies and integrating it into business process. Today CSR is in a continual state of emergence and has been trying to affirm its place in business strategy leading to create competitive advantage of the firm.

India CSR Summit explores possibilities to view CSR as a part of new global governance ushering in new perspectives from a broader set of disciplines of sociology and economics.

The mega Summit shall reflect on important emerging trends in this field and shall result in importing more qualitative and constructivist method of exploring CSR as a process of social construction.

Forum will witness how the forward thinking firms are approaching CSR as an initiative to improve the community, environment and its workforce with active participation of its key stakeholders towards bettering of the world.

India CSR invites you to join hands with the forum to embark on a journey of discovering how CSR strategy and actions can serve as an effective instrument of competitive strategy for the betterment of both business and society.

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