The India CSR

The India CSR Network has a mandate to promote and enable responsible business conduct in India in support of sustainable, equitable and inclusive economic and socio-economic development. It is dedicated to bring awareness about the significant contributions of CSR in India and has become the leading business network for the region. There is an exciting social innovation approach happening in India through India CSR, which is the first and currently the only online news portal promoting CSR communication and reporting.

At India CSR, the definition of CSR is to embrace responsibility for business actions and encourage a positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members. India CSR is one kind of social innovation and has a mission to support experts and organizations to build responsible and sustainable businesses. In its endeavor to promote reporting and communication in the CSR domain, India CSR – India’s largest Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility newswire, has been organizing numerous global forums, Management Development Programmes (MDPs), workshops and case study competitions to recognize and honour the CSR good practices. India CSR has high level of recognition in the domain of CSR globally.

India CSR has created a platform that enhances companies need to share ideas on their CSR best practices and discuss collaborative projects between the firm and its end stakeholders. India CSR provides a forum to initiate a dialogue on creating a competitive edge with the help of CSR activities and seeks help from Industry experts. India CSR Network is guided by leaders from the corporate and civil society. India CSR Network is live since January 2009. Around 6000 news, views, reports and interviews are online available for its readers with no cost.

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