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National CSR Hub

The National CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Hub is one of the India’s largest social media platform having more than 25,000 members. National CSR Hub connect wide range of stakeholders in the area of CSR, Sustainability and Sustainable Development. This forum connects and shares latest development in CSR in India. National CSR Hub helps in building an enabling environment for the corporate sector to work in partnership with the Government, Non-Government and Civil Society Organizations, as well as local community organizations for effective contribution towards sustainable growth and development of grassroots communities. Such a platform also needs to have the commitment of the government, the professional practitioners and the trade and industry chambers.

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India CSR Leadership Summit: Acknowledging Professionalism, Inspiring Excellence

India CSR News Network

MUMBAI: The prestigious India CSR Leadership Summit & Awards 2017 ‘Celebrating CSR Innovation & Leadership’ to be held at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai on 26th May 2017, Friday. The day long forum will witness vibrant political leaders, CSR think tanks, thinkers, social reformers and Govt. officials. It would be one of the biggest CSR knowledge and idea sharing forum in the year 2017.

More than 15 corporate leaders, CSR think tanks and NGO leaders will be participating in the summit to share their CSR vision for the progress of the country. Fourm is expecting around 300 eminent corporate leaders, CSR think tanks, NGO leaders, academicians, Government Officers, social workers, implementing agencies from across the country, who will grace the summit to express their commitment and solidarity to the cause of inclusive development and to listen to these stalwarts.

The forum is an active congregation in this noble mission to support and create effective forum to discuss various contemporary socio-economic issues. One of the key focus in this Summit would be to put forth the new CSR agenda for national development.

The features of the forum include: Keynote Address, launching of Book on CSR Practices of Award Winning Corporate and NGOs, launching of CSR books by various authors, India CSR Awards for CSR Innovations, Exhibition and Partnership and Networking Tables and 300 leaders from more than 200 organizations.

Leading corporates will be honoured for their outstanding contributions to the national progress in the domain of CSR at the forum.

The occasion will honour more than 20 organizations for their CSR innovations towards outstanding contribution to the nation progress under various categories. Business leaders and CSR leaders, CSR Authors will be also recognized for their outstanding contribution to the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.

India CSR Awards is one of the prestigious recognitions honouring the outstanding and innovative CSR, Sustainability and Social Enterprise Projects and leadership in CSR. This year’s theme for the summit is ‘Celebrating Innovation and Leadership in CSR’. The Award has been instituted to recognize the innovative CSR Practices in India and this is the 5th edition of India CSR Summit & Awards.

“CSR has become a key benchmark of corporate performance and emerged as one of the most dynamic fields nowadays in India and across the world. Meeting some standards in CSR is a mandatory requirement for certain sizes of companies in India with special reference to amended Companies CSR Law.”, said Rusen Kumar, Founder and Managing Editor, India CSR Network.

“We are inviting most valuable speakers to grace the summit and illuminate us with their experience, expertise and vision of the new age CSR that would facilitate transfer of knowledge across the august gathering. Summit will also give big boost to the CEO agenda of CSR. ”, said Dr Rana Singh, Co-founder and CEO, India CSR Network.

Forum will honour leaders from corporate, NGO, social enterprise and individuals in below mentioned categories: CSR Life Time Achievement Award, CSR Person of the Year Award, CSR Professional of the Year Awards, CSR Manager of the Year Awards, CSR Author of the Year Awards, Women CSR Leader Awards, Philanthropist of the Year Awards, Social entrepreneurs of the Year Awards, Green Leadership Awards, NGO Leadership Awards, Sanitation Leadership Awards (Corporate), Sanitation Leadership Awards (Individual), NGO Category: CSR Implementing Partner Awards.

Expression of interest for participation, speakership, sponsorship opportunity, partnership can be sent at or Whatsapp at 9981099555

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Ratan Somani

Ratan Kumar Somani
President & Plant Head
Mahan Aluminium Project, Hindalco

Ratan Somani is a Mechanical Engineer from Regional Engineering College, Suratkal, Karnataka. He has a rich experience of over 25 years in the Indian manufacturing industry, of which he has spent more than 20 years with Hindalco Industries (a flagship company of $41 billion Aditya Birla Group).

By virtue of his wisdom, conceptual understanding, technical proficiency, valuable contributions, and significant achievements in the metal business operations, he was assigned the job of heading Mahan Aluminium, a mega Greenfield project of Hindalco Industries in 2011.

Inspired by leaders, like Aditya Vikram Birla & Kumar Mangalam Birla & Mrs. Rajashree Birla, Mr. Somani devoted valuable time of his career in the CSR domain, working untiringly for more than a decade in executing and managing developmental programmes at Mahan. He has been driving CSR projects catering to sectors like Education, Healthcare, Sustainable Livelihood, Infrastructure Development, and social issues including handling one of the largest rehabilitation and resettlement project of 3,000 families at Badgawan in Madhya Pradesh.

Mr Somani has been instrumental in developing more than 12 villages in Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh and has contributed towards:

  • Watershed management projects by construction of 15 harvesting structures like small check dams & lift irrigation projects for agricultural development.
  • Girl child education projects like skill training, computer training, Mahan Jyoti Scholarships, coaching centres and career guidance aimed at helping the girls build their career and become self-reliant.
  • Green energy and natural resource management project where he created awareness on the use of eco-friendly energy efficient and health friendly devices like biogas units, solar lamps, etc.
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Sir Dr Huz

Sir Dr. Huz
Chief Executive Officer
Wockhardt Foundation

Sir Dr. Huz (Huzaifa Khorakiwala) is the CEO of Wockhardt Foundation, a not-forprofit organization which runs several programmes in health, education, water and sanitation across the country, benefitting & touching millions of lives every year.

An MBA from Yale University, USA, Sir Dr. Huz is also the Executive Director of Wockhardt Limited and is part of the promoter family of the Wockhardt Group – a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare group.

He is the Founder of The World Peacekeepers Movement, an online movement comprising of more than a million peacekeepers, forming the world’s 2nd largest army.

Sir Dr. Huz is also the Chairman of The Peace Mission Pvt. Ltd. which sells Peace Chocs – chocolates spreading peace. For his contribution to society, he has received many prestigious awards & titles, the most recent being – Knighthood – which was bestowed on him by the Ecumenical Medical-Humanitarian Order Knights of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of Charity).

He can be reached @ Sir. Dr Huz

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Spark Minda Foundation

Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group has been involved in Community Development initiatives since decades. In continuation to the legacy of a responsible corporate citizenship, the CSR activities being undertaken at the Group are derived from the triple bottom line model of People, Planet and Profit. Ensuring environment sustainability with community care are the thematic divisions, surrounding which the CSR activities are planned and executed across the Group. Community is always a stakeholder for both directly implemented and collaborative projects. Visit for more details:

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STEM Learning

STEM Learning is in continuous pursuit of making learning a stimulative and exploratory process. With rich resource of subject experts and experienced teaching faculties, STEM has pioneered and promoted demonstration-based learning approach wherein it has designed over 1000 working demos, models, visual aids and experiments which are showcased among school children in form of science centres and math labs. It has established more than 450 mini science centers with CSR partnership across the nation. Visit for more detail:

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International Institute of CSR -IICSR

International Institute of CSR (IICSR) is an institute which imparts core and sustainable skills training for the workforce in a company. It trains minds in sector-specific skills from first level manager to senior directors and CEOs. IICSR aims to be the leading Training and Research centre for Responsible Business. It is destined to be the center point in the world to gain knowledge and expertise in Skills in Sustainability and Responsible Business Practices. It encourages to research, innovate and develop in CSR. Visit for more detail:

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Corporate Social Focus – CSR Magazine

Corporate Social Focus – CSR Magazine bridges the information gap between Corporate, NGO, Regulatory Bodies of Various Industries, Trade & Associations, Educational Institutions , Universities, cover articles, topics with extensive research on communication and reporting , Environment , Stake Holder Engagement , Business Ethics, Social Understanding and showcase various activities undertaken by Corporate under the CSR initiative. An opportunity for NGOs to showcase their project and highlight the various available options for Corporate to participate in likeminded CSR Projects.Visit for more detail:

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Jagran Pehel

Jagran Pehel is actively involved in awareness generation aimed towards behavioural change and advocacy on social issues through innovative means of mass communication throughout the country. Pehel works across a diverse spectrum spanning health, hygiene and sanitation, sustainable livelihood, education and gender. Its primary partner Jagran Prakashan, one of the largest media house in the country, is involved in social development and stimulating interpersonal communication. Visit for more detail: