Akbar Khan

Actor, Director, Producer, Writer
Chairman, Abraiz Group

The journey of Akbar Khan Films is a legendary and inspirational journey that started with the dream of one man to create movies that touch lives, inspire and entertain. It is a story of inspiration and passion.

Akbar Khan started his film journey at the age of 15, working with renowned film maker Mr. Mohan Bijlanani as his junior most assistant director. He started as a young boy who would dust the sets. His perseverance, dedication and passion has today brought him to such great heights.

Since then, he has created blockbusters like “Haadsaa”, epic series like “The Sword of Tipu Sultan” and “Akbar The Great” and National Award Winners that have been admired by Royalty, World Leaders, Presidents, Business Tycoons like the Mangum Opus – “Taj Mahal… an eternal love story”.

Yeh Bombay Sheher Haadaso Ka Sheher Hai…. continues to remain a cult favorite which all of us just heard and enjoyed. With this please give a standing ovation and welcome Mr. Akbar Khan on stage.


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