Skilled Visa

SkilledVisa has setup state of the art infrastructure to provide quality education and skills. The  company owned centres of SkilledVisa across different states of India provide consistently KYC verified, trained, reliable and productive workforce to meet specific Industry needs. The core speciality areas include scanning, Digitization, CKYC, Customer care, Field support, IT technicians etc. Within the next 12 months the deployment of over 20 centres across India will be completed.

SkilledVisa has consistent and robust processes for enrolling, profiling, skilling, assessment, interviews and onboarding. SkilledVisa faculty and counsellors are fully aligned with industry needs and are equipped to provide customized training and orientation for small and large urgencies.

Corporates should ensure that their source of manpower consist of certified and trustworthy resources especially when critical projects needs urgent resource ramp-up. SkilledVisa provides fraud-proof record of assessment online.

As a gesture of giving back to the society, SkilledVisa provides free training for children of farmers, soldiers, coolies and dabbawalas.

Large corporates also have an opportunity to meet their CSR compliance through sponsorship of deserving but economically challenged students. HNI donors can also claim income tax benefits under section 80(G).

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